JEDI MINDFUCK – Dry Mushrooms

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Jedi MindFuck Cubensis is an ideal choice for novice users, who prefer practicing caution with a potent and intense hallucinogenic journey. In smaller doses, this strain provides relaxing body and cerebral sensations, while higher doses can produce a more powerful twisting of balance. Effects include creativity, euphoria, joy, spiritual, and visual hallucinations. But honestly though, read its name! Jedi MindFuck is going to blow your tiny mind out of this world! Its cap is filled with psilocybin that is ready to creep into your brain and will mind fuck you.

Some customers may be enticed to Jedi MindFuck and we don’t blame them! Crazy attracts crazy! This strain definitely suits those psychonauts who wish to explore new realms. Whether that realm will take them to a happy place somewhere over the rainbow or to a pit of malice and despair depends on your tolerance to magic mushrooms. For the full effect of Jedi MindFuck, be sure to have your body and mind cleansed of any residual psilocybin. Recommended to take 1-2 grams during first ingestion and then an addition 1-2 grams to supplement the trip if necessary after 30 minutes.

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2 reviews for JEDI MINDFUCK – Dry Mushrooms

  1. Lew.anderson (verified owner)

    I’ve had shroom trips many times before, but none like this. These shrooms are insane. The mindfuck name is literal. I’m still confused holy fuck. I have rethought everything. I don’t even know what existence is. My brain is new.

  2. Patriciadc1994 (verified owner)

    my fave strain when i’m going outtttt

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