Golden Coast – Distillate

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For users who prefer to smoke marijuana, vaping is an alternative that offers several features and benefits.

Solvent free distillate oil is made using a process called fractional distillation: using precisely controlled temperatures to extract individual cannabinoids or terpenes; the compounds are extracted and collected, appearing translucent in appearance. It is available in raw form resulting in a neutral smell and taste, or infused with natural flavors and terpenes. Potency will range on average 98-99.9% THC.

40 + Flavours – 1g

Raw | Blueberry | Strawberry | Coconut | Cherry | Green apple | Banana | Lime | Skittles | Fruity pebbles | Sour diesel | Blood | Orange | Orange Creamsicle | Grape | Pineapple Express | PineappleGrapefruit | Melon Madness | Tangy | Sour Kush | Ghost OG | LemonLime-Lemon | Orange | Gran-daddy Purple | Green Crack | Bubble Gum | Blue Raz | Cupcake | Skywalker | Gorilla Glue | WIFIMimosaSunset SherbetSuper lemon haze

4 reviews for Golden Coast – Distillate

  1. Blaze4Jesus20 (verified owner)

    These have great flavour! Grape and Blue Raz are my favourite so far out of the 7 flavours I’ve tried. They taste like the real thing. Worth every $

  2. Ratchet (verified owner)

    Great shit! Love it!

  3. Cowboyhash (verified owner)

    So far so good

  4. Chocolatechick (verified owner)

    Great flavor!!! I LOVE this stuff!!

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