Vape Pen Charger and Battery

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Vape Pen
Charger and Battery


How to use

Pen without Button
Suck on it and it will pull on its own. Make sure it is fully charged with the usb charger

Pen With Button
1 – Press Button 5 times to activate
2 – Press Button 3 times rapidly changes the battery voltage/heat intensity (green, blue, red)
3 – Just attached Vape cartage and being using ( do not hit button )


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2 reviews for Vape Pen Charger and Battery

  1. Lilvro (verified owner)

    Best one to get for the price!

  2. ~Lady B in YYC (verified owner)

    Excellent value and good quality. They last forever, and I usually keep a couple extra on hand for friends whose chargers have been beat up or simply just stopped working. Always works right outta the box.

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