COSMIC CAVIAR – 300/500/1000mg THC

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300mg THC per pack – 100mg X 3 Gummies

500mg THC per pack – 250mg X 2 Moon Gummies

1000mg THC per pack – 100mg X 10 Square Gummies

A Moonrock Canada premium product line The Cosmic Caviar brand is a high quality edibles brand. Produced on the Moon by the Moonrock Canada team of experts. Our in house industry renownd culinary chef has made a very special and great tasting blend that INCLUDES the high Delta 9 distillate evenly distributed and always cooked in. Not sprayed. We are proud to give Canada the best tasting gummies and edible line. The Cosmic Cosmonaut Space Bags are a massive hit for medicinal, social and recreational doses.

6 reviews for COSMIC CAVIAR – 300/500/1000mg THC

  1. Robert Simpson (verified owner)

    The newest level of gummy’s has arrive these are amazing these are not anything to mess around with top upper echelon

  2. protest12 (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Strength is consistent every time.

  3. heermsss (verified owner)

    BE CAREFUL WITH THE 1000MG’s!!! these will definitely knock a long time user on their ass. I loved it lol.

  4. ~Lady B in YYC (verified owner)

    Sorry – it’s a bit of a long review – but it’s how I roll, and there’s a lot to share. Settle in,a ‘ere!

    I’ve ordered these tasty little delights numerous times, in all sizes, over the past coupla years and I have to admit that I was reticent in writing my review for purely selfish reasons. Selfishly, this is a product that I never want to be without, and it would suck if they sold out.

    That being said, it would give me more delight to know others were enjoying these mystic morsels and reveling in the cosmic journey you’re about to go on. I swear when I’m indulging, I always write an award winning review in my mind, promising I’ll make good this time, and really *really* do it, so, here I am – an unopened bag of 10 x 100 mgs sitting beside me, ready to partake when this tome is completed.

    TLDR: Delicious, effective, make you a better version of yourself that actually lasts well after the high — like months after if not forever. BUT, the last paragraph is an important one – they’re ALL important, but you get it!

    These gummies are life-changing – in nothing but good ways. I highly recommend these delectable little Cosmic Caviar gummies. The Chefs who created and make these?…I bow to you – I looooove the grapefruit, but all flavours are bursts of fruity goodness with nary even a hint of flavour of TCH.

    Buckle up and let me tell you what you’re about to experience. I’ve had consistent highs every time, and high, very high you go. I recommend the pack of 10 at 100 MGs each. DO NOT let the little size fool you and do NOT have another because they taste soooo good, and besides, “what harm could it do? they’re tiny and you can’t even taste the weed!” Trust me, you don’t want to get that high and be in public or anywhere actually. Just don’t. The hangovers are real, are are no joke – the sluggishness the next day is something that can be fully avoided if a healthy respect is given to the process.

    On a another note – friends of mine who have gotten too high (not on these, I take care of my friends!) swear that eating yoghurt, or having something dairy (chocolate milk, milk, sour cream {eesh!}) will bring you back to earth lickity split – and sometimes it’s nice to just float down to reality, amirite?

    Do you have conflict resolution that you’d like to settle with someone? These are magic for difficult conversations! Either take a gummy yourself and reflect on the issue yourself, or invite your frenemy on a trip with you. Just make sure you take the same amount at the same time, (a half, or a whole – I always do a whole – 100 MG) and a few hours into your trip, have an open conversation about what’s annoying you about each other, and you’ll both find that it just doesn’t matter anymore, you’ll find your common ground, realize there’s more important things than *that* thing, and have a whole bunch of laughs together. It’s almost like a mushroom-ego-death. Your thinking changes to “Huh, why is this bothering me so much? I’d rather put it behind me/us and move forward” – and that thinking stays with you after your trip is but a speck of dust in the rear view mirror.

    If you have things you have within yourself to think about – these gummies are outstanding for quiet self reflection. Take a gummy you while you wander along the river, people watch at a sidewalk café, or wherever your happy place is – the couch has been very comfortable for me on some of my trips.

    These Delta-9s aren’t all about heavy conversations or conflict resolution either! Rent a favourite funny movie with your pals or gals who have indulged with you, and you’re in for belly laughs at stupid things and enjoying life. The colours are brighter, you might have some tracing, you might have some chills once or twice at the beginning – it doesn’t happen to me at all anymore, but I did get that a few times when I first discovered Cosmic Caviar. You might feel super high for a bit – 20 – 30 minutes – don’t panic, ride with it, feel how your body’s reacting, and all of a sudden you’ll feel better than before and ready to solve the world’s problems with or without friends or strangers around. I had those feelings maybe a couple of times each for my first 3 trips, but it was interesting navigating that, and enjoying the journey and learnings. It your own adventure – embrace the roller coaster ride that these exquisite little nibbles will bring you along on.

    Just don’t be doing something that requires thought, critical thinking, coordination, clothes shopping, or anything else like that – for at least 6 or 7 hours after you’ve indulged in a gummy. You get kinda goofy on them for a couple of hours at the start of your trip – if you’re around friends who aren’t indulging, make sure they’re fun friends who will enjoy the trip regardless that they’re not high with you. AND make sure you tell those around you that you’re on them! It can only help you if they understand when you’re taking too long to tie your zip-up shoes, put your hoody on inside out, frantically looking for your phone while talking into it, and belly laughing at the ridiculousness of it all, It’s a fun and cute goofy – no matter how you identify – it’s fun!

    The creativity that strikes you in around the 4th or 5th hour – middle-ish of the trip for me – longer for others – is nothing but inspirational. Whether you play the guitar, paint, take pictures, make cookies, rearrange your closets, work on your car, have a project that needs completing, an assignment you’ve been putting off – get to it. You’ll find you’ll get so *into* what you’re doing, the results that you’ve produced will hold up to your non-tripping straight mind the next day and will stand the test of time.

    I suggest that folks take these no later that around 3ish p.m. on a day where you have the night and the next day off. My trips last between 8 – 10 hours – tapering off from 10 to 12 hours and then I have the best sleep ever! If you do one in the evening and have to be up for work before noon, you’re going to have a challenging time – you’ll feel sluggish, tired, out of sorts, and trying to find your footing until after noon – it’s not fun. It’s not a headachy hang over – just a “blah” feeling.

    WHEN YOU TAKE THESE – maybe start with half if you have a high tolerance to weed. Personally, I’ve never had an edible that made me high until I found these. I simply have a high tolerance to a lot of things that other people enjoy the effects of – but I never really thought much about it. However, when I had these for the first time – WOW – not expected at ALL. what a pleasant surprise. For me anyway,.

    I’ve had friends who are experienced and long time weed (and other indulgents) aficionados – who have gotten sick – – i.e. over the toilet spewing (when they get there – *if* they even do get there – Exorcist anyone?) and might feel feverish for a bit – 20 – 30 minutes? – once their system has disposed of that tiny little gummy, they’re fine, feeling good, but during their unpleasantness – it just isn’t fun. Keep that in mind and take with caution – even a quarter of one to start – the Delta-9 is infused right into the gummy mixture making the THC consistent throughout. Other companies spray the THC over the top of their edibles, and I realize now that those don’t make me high even one little bit.

    SEND YOURSELF A TEXT MESSAGE ON YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU TAKE ONE OF THESE. I do that to this day. They sneak up on you, and about a half hour after taking one, you’ll be like, “huh, am I still feeling the E from last night? Wait a minute, I didn’t have E last night”, and be genuinely perplexed why you’re feeling glowy, happy and just wowsa! – when it will dawn on you that you had one only a half hour ago – it feels much longer, but quick too if that makes sense – you get segued into a nice pleasant high, and then it’s all giddy the fuck up! wheeee! It’s ride or die baby!

    I’ve saved the best for last – and if you’ve made it this far – I applaud you – I admit, I’m a boomer, (but not a Karen) and as is want for us boomers, we go on and on and on and on – sorry! My profession is all about details – and there’s a lot to unpack with these cosmic excursions – I don’t want to forget anything!

    LAST PARAGRAPH Prelude: I’m pretty direct in person but I’m blushing as I write the below. And I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with this last paragraph – but it demands to be shared. You’re welcome.

    LAST PARAGRAPH – About 3 – 7 hours (or for longer) into your high – WOW. – geesus – the body high, the sensuality is intensified, such pleasure with just a touch on an arm or shoulder, it’s like your whole body, every nerve ending is sending euphoric explosions to every single pleasure center in your brain, simultaneously and perpetually flowing from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. It’s – well, it’s *whew*. It reminds me of Thai Stick in my young years – only 100 times more in this department.

    My other reviews will be more succinct, apologies for the verbosity of this one – but Cosmic Caviar doesn’t get near the love that it should, and it’s such a fun and delightful trip that’s more like shrooms, or the weed of old (i.e. Thai stick!)

    And now I’m about to indulge in a cosmic journey myself – have a great Labour Day Weekend fellow stoners and CBDers! Cheers!

  5. Destiny (verified owner)

    I’ve bought these gummies probably 4-5 times now and I’ve been meaning to write a review about them but I haven’t been able to because of how high I get off these gummies. The 100mg per 1 gummy (1000mg pack) is *chefs kiss* perfect dose and I love the fact I don’t have to eat 18 gummies to get to a high dose mg. I’m recommending these to everyone who says edibles don’t work for them because I swear by these. WOW strong stuff but I’m going to only buy these from here on out.


  6. towers229 (verified owner)

    Love these things. Best edible I’ve had in a while. Sometimes I gotta take 1 and half but its such a good trip.

    If you wanna have a great time get the Cosmic caviar.

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