Gummies 200mg THC – Treehouse Culture

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200mg per THC Bag ( amount of gummies per bag depends on size)


5 reviews for Gummies 200mg THC – Treehouse Culture

  1. Trish.graham (verified owner)

    I ordered the sativa in cream soda gummies and they’re the perfect thing to help me stop my mind from racing before bed, helps me finally fall asleep!
    The taste is super mild to unlike some of the others. Great product.

  2. Stichen (verified owner)

    Huge fan of the treehouse cult gummies!

  3. chicklet420 (verified owner)

    The house brand gummies are my absolute fave. All the flavours I’ve tried are *chefs kiss*

  4. mixpebz (verified owner)

    I’m new and got the strawberry indica ones. These are freaking AMAZING.

  5. BK (verified owner)

    Amazing! Only suggestion if possible, is to offer packages with higher doses per gummy for the “seasoned vets” LOL Super impressed with these gummies though, and very few work for me (long time daily smoker/edibles) I just had to eat the whole bag lmao

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