Cambodian – 25caps per Bottle – 7500mg – Treehouse Culture

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300mg Cambodian per cap 7500mg per bottle

25 caps per Bottle

We suggest starting with 1 Cap If seeking stronger dose can work Up to 2-3 Caps Take 24hrs break between each dose Vegan / Gulden Free / Soy-Free

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1 review for Cambodian – 25caps per Bottle – 7500mg – Treehouse Culture

  1. ~Lady B in YYC (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this numerous times. It’s a nice little high that can sometimes whack you up the side of the head, It sneaks up on you. If you’re doing it for micro dosing – you might be surprised at the kick it gives. You take it, not expecting much, it’s a micro dose, right?…take it and forget it. Right.

    Then about 3 hours later, you’re like, “whoa!”….it kinda hits you when you’re not expecting it…but it calms down in about 30 minutes and it’s a smooth little ‘shroom ride. It takes the edge off, takes care of anxiety, makes you happy and agreeable and gives you a carefree and positive feeling. Perfect if you’re heading to an event and want to be in a fun, breezy and easy going state of mind.

    However – I have experienced a few times a ‘shroom high that was way way too high for a micro dose – like the green chip in the potato chip bag. Know what I mean? Sometimes, one just *hits* – and it can take you on a ride for a coupla hours before it calms down, so just be aware of that. Otherwise a pretty consistent product.

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