Original – Unscented Lotion – ALIVIA


Extra Strength Cannabis Lotion

60 mL

2:1 THC to CBD

400 mg THC | 200 mg CBD Active Ingredients

Alivia’s Original cannabis lotion is infused with lab tested cannabis at a ratio of 2:1 THC to CBD. This gentle, fragrance-free and non-greasy lotion is safe for sensitive skin and will effectively deliver cannabis to a localized area for maximum pain relief. Try our lotion to treat minor skin irritations, like rashes or very dry skin, or to target localized inflammation, stiff muscle and even nerve pain like sciatica.

Topicals are a non-intoxicating method of administering cannabis – you will not get high from using our lotions. Start by applying a small amount of lotion to the affected area and massage until fully absorbed. Adjust quantity applied and time between reapplication as needed.

Muscle Pain | Joint Pain | Swelling | Bug Bites | Rashes | Inflammation | Bruising | Soreness | Skin Irritations | + More

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