Genesis LSD-25

High quality synthesized original LSD formula.

Structured Silver 10 ppm

A natural preservative and a component in our formula to improve conductivity through the nervous system and cells creating synergy with the Microcybin LSD Flow.

Microcybin Flow brings on an energized flow state, not a stimulant, but opens the creative channels of the brain allowing you conquer the tasks that may stand in your way.

Most people notice feelings of creativity, positivity, increased focus and energy. The default mode network of the brain starts to down-regulate and the connectivity of the left and right hemispheres start to light up. This new neurological state of improved communication leads to plasticity in the brain. When we consistently allow the brain to be in this state of increased communication, the neurons that were previously disconnected can now fire together and therefore wire together leading to neurogenesis. Over an extended period of time this state of neurogenesis becomes the brains default state and the improved communication induced by the LSD becomes more or less permanent.

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