Gummies 400mg THC – Treehouse Culture

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400mg per THC Bag (amount of gummies per bag depends on size)

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2 reviews for Gummies 400mg THC – Treehouse Culture

  1. ~Lady B in YYC (verified owner)

    Cherry Coke Bottles/Indica

    These gummies are fun – they get you into a mellow groove after a stressful day…or they help you have a deep peaceful sleep if that’s what you’re after. Great taste, great texture, always a quality product. Take them camping, rafting, paddling, – be one with nature – or have a Netflix and Chill night with these. They’re calming, soothing, and get you in the groove.

    Plus – it’s great value for your money. You get lots, they’re most definitely worth the price, and the quality is always consistent. Plus they’re yummy!

  2. ~Lady B in YYC (verified owner)

    Blue Raspberry Sativa

    Like I said above – this is a great product. I didn’t realize I couldn’t edit my comments – so to carry on – the Watermelon, Fuzzy Peaches and Coke Bottles are all yummy and give a nice fun high. I’d say they kick in in around 20 to 30 minutes.

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