THC Distillate – Pacific Gas Co

Distilled THC mixed with 100% pure organic terpenes for flavor.

0.5 mg per syringe – 80% THC

Roji Concentrates is a BC based company providing the highest quality cannabis concentrates manufactured using innovative extraction and standardization technology and processes. Roji Concentrates research & development and quality assurance team of professionals include an in house chemist and chemical engineer and have over 20 years experience in the cannabis industry. They have developed industry leading processes as a direct result of this expertise and are recognized experts in the field of cannabis distillates.

THC distillate is a pure product distilled at the molecular level. All waxes, terpenes, contaminants, and non-medicinal ingredients are separated and removed using a fractional distillation process. THC distillate with added USDA organic flavours range between 80-90% THC while unflavoured distillate ranges between 85-95%

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