Rainbow Pie – THC: 24% – Sativa



THC: 24%

Rainbow Pie is a strain that was created from a cross between Grand Blueberry Pie and Zkittlez, meaning its lineage contains traces of Purple Urkle, Mendocino Purps, and Grape Ape. The result is a stone-cold pure Sativa with the potential power to imbue its consumers with euphoric relaxation. This is a great “unwind” strain, without being sedating. Users feel focused but also slowed down, stoned, calm, and happy. The strain’s effects are not well-advertised, but we know it makes users feel less anxious, and more relaxed. We recommend the strain for mid-late afternoons when you have nothing left to do and would like nothing more than to stretch out, relax, snack, and feel happy.

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