Koh Samui Super – Dry Mush

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An extremely good isolation of the original Koh samui cubensis. It originates from the island of Koh samui of Thailand. Potency: As far as potency goes, this one is as strong as PE. Compared to at least 5 or 6 other strains that have been tried, 2g of Ko Samui Super does what an eighth of any competitor would do.


Recreational dosing, the dose is really up to you. There are some folks that love going on long spiritual journeys where they take 3-10g. For a fun time at a social gathering you can get away with 0.5-1g.

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1 review for Koh Samui Super – Dry Mush

  1. Actual

    These were my first shroom strain and they were really strong. Highly recommended for experienced psychonauts.

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